May 10, 2016:   50#

August 19, 2016:  36#

Mack has had a tough start to life. He came to us from a bad situation where he was kept in a space too confined for proper excercise and as a result he has almost no mucle tone.  He came to us very underweight, and suffering with ear infections, bi-lateral grade-three luxating patellas, and a luxating lens with a juvenile cataract. On intake, Mack seemed to enjoy his freedom and our abundant snuggles and kisses. UPDATE: Mack had a second follow up visit with his eye specialist one month post op and got a fantastic report! He could not be doing better! We are so grateful to the many donors who allowed us to give this special, little guy the gift of great vision!

  • Male 
  • Age: 2 1/2 (DOB 1/20/14)
  • 13 lbs 
  • Bilateral luxating patellas , but they don't hinder his mobility or cause him any discomfort
  • Adoption Donation: $600





Birmingham, Alabama 

Trussville, Alabama 

Prattville, Alabama 

Hoover, Alabama 

Jay is a sweet and friendly little fellow who is being retired from breeding. His breeder has trusted us to find him a wonderful home, so that's exactly what we will do. He has recovered from a neuter, dental cleaning, and has being treated for infection in his feet and paws. 

  • Male  
  • Age: 5 (DOB 2/26/11)
  • 19 lbs
  • Mild, asymptomatic heart murmur (2/6) otherwise overall healthy, sweet, loving
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Longview, Texas 

Charlie came to us from shelter and he was in pretty rough shape. He had drys eys, a heart murmur, parasite flea dermatitis and a bacterial skin infection as well as severe periodontal disease. They knew rescue was a good place for him to get the long-term medical care he needed and he is already showing improvement. UPDATE: Charlie has improved tremendously, and on recheck his heart sounds and eyes (thansk to rx drops) are normal. His skin is much better and hair is growing back. It just goes to show you what a good diet, great medical care, and alot of TLC can do for a guy. He will have a dental soon now that he's feeling better. Stay tuned for more to come on Charlie!

  • Male (neutered)  
  • Age: 5 1/2 (DOB 1/8/2011)
  • 18 lbs
  • Adoption donation: $400

Dallas, Texas 

Tex is a typical, playful Cavalier puppy who needs a more active household than his previous owner's. He's a healthy guy and is being fostered in the Dallas, Texas area. Here is more about this precious boy!

  • Male  (neutered)
  • Age: 1 (DOB 7/4/15)
  • 15 lbs
  • Healthy, active puppy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650

Birmingham, Alabama 

Lady and Tibby are breeder retirees and the very best of friends. They are bonded so will remain together in foster care and be placed together in their forever home. Both have recovered from a spay and dental, multiple extractions, and severe ear infections.  UPDATE: The scar tissue in Lady's right eye has left her blind and vision cannot be restored. She also has pigmentation and ulcerations in her right eye which are being treated and vision is improving! Tibbie has a congenital defect in her right eye which impairs vision.          

UPDATE: Tibbie had a great follow up appointment following her eye surgery.  

  • Female  
  • Age: Lady: 6  (DOB 5/30/10)    Tibby: 7 (DOB 7/4/09)
  • Lady: 8.86lbs   Tibby: 7.5 lbs  
  • Lady is blind in one eye. Tibbie has a congenital defect in her right eye which impairs vision slightly.



Benson is a happy and playful guy. Sadly, his owners were not in a position to provide the diagnostic testing and the possible procedure needed to correct his suspected heart defect. Their veterinarian reached to rescue as an alternative to euthanasia and we were very happy to have the chance to help this sweet boy. Benson has had an echocardiogram and a doppler and his condition is considered 'moderate' at this time.  We will recheck in October.

  • Male  
  • Age: 6 months (DOB 2/28/16)
  • 12.5  lbs
  • Active, playful, sweet, smart, and loving
  • Moderate pulmonic valve stenosis. No meds or surgery recommended at this time. 

Montgomery, Alabama 

This sweet angel came to us in need of extreme grooming and a healthy program to help her shed about 30 pounds.   We gave her a "spa day" and got her cleaned up/groomed and she's feeling much better as a result. Abby has some physical issues as a result from extreme obesity and we will address those when she is at a healthier weight. In the mean time, she is getting lots of love and enjoying her foster family very much. She's is enjoying a healthy diet and does hydrotherapy almost daily to build her strength so she can move well to lose those extra pounds safely. 

Arin is a breeder retiree we have been entrusted to find a perfect home for. She came to us with eye, ear, and skin infections as well as dehydrated but is on the path to healing. . She has a grade two heart murmur which is pretty great news for a nine year old Princess! UPDATE 8/18: Arin came through spay/dental surgery just fine. She lost six teeth but is soon to feel like a miilion bucks! More to come!

  • Female  
  • Age: 9 1/2 (DOB 1/13/2007)
  • 26 lbs
  • Asymptomatic heart murmur, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $200



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Lady & Tibby





This beautiful princess is a typical outgoing and friendly Cavalier. She is a snuggle bug and loves her humans. Cuddle time is her favorite and she seems to always be smiling. She gets along with other dogs as well. She needs someone who is patient and willing to work with her on training. She  has been known to guard "prizes" (aka socks, clothing) from humans (not other dogs), and shows a little bit of separation anxiety. She is attentive and aims to please but needs guidance and reassurance.  

  • Female  (spayed)
  • Age: 2 1/2 (DOB 2/24/14)
  • 21 lbs  (she needs to she a few)
  • Mild, asymptomatic murmur (2/6) , otherwise, healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $600

Birmingham, Alabama 

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