Please check this page often to keep up with the angels in our program. We introduce them here and share their stories as we search for the perfect forever homes for each and every one. Our process is thorough, and while we do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, we DO review applications chronologically to find that perfect match.
If you are on a specific timeline to bring a precious Cavalier into your family, then rescue may not be the right fit for you. We are happy to refer you to responsible, reputable, and health-focused breeders.
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Birmingham, Alabama 

Welcome to
  Cavalier Rescue of Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama 

Lasso is a blenheim hunk of love. By the time he arrived to us, he was really feeling puny. He was having bad diarrhea, was dehydrated, and was extremely lethargic. He required Sub Q fluids and antibiotics and was also suffering from dental disease, ear infections, and giardia. Thankfully his blood work has come back normal and parasites and the extreme amount of stress he has been put through is to blame for his gastrointestinal issues. You see, this poor darling has obviously been through hell and he is so very terrified of humans and this new world around him. His spirit is broken after years of being in the puppy mill industry and seeing him shake in fear and his big scared eyes will just literally break your heart.

Lasso is thriving with his foster family who is experienced in working with very under socialized and timid dogs. He is blooming into a happy guy and loving his new life...and toys!!!
  • Male  
  • Age: 3   (DOB 8/27/2013)
  • 20 lbs 
  • Healthy but very timid
  • Adoption Donation: $550

Brookhaven, Georgia

Lacy is a petite little girl who arrived into our care about 54 days pregnant.  Unfortunately she came to us in very poor shape with extreme, extreme dental disease, very underweight and malnourished.  On Valentine's Day, Lacy delivered her final litter of puppies with a little help from the vet who performed an emergency C-Section. Lacy will be spayed and have MUCH needed dental after her pups are weaned. Until then, she is being showered with love!
  • Female  
  • Age: 4   (DOB 4/14/2012)
  • 12.5 lbs 
  • Delivered 3 boys 2/14/17
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Little Elm, Texas 

Their "peepers" are showing!  The boys are growing!

 Adoption Pending 




Swiss Missy

 Just Adopted 

Swiss Missy has been adopted!  This little Princess is is already adored by her new family!
River is a darling 7 year old blenheim beauty. We rescued her from the puppy mill industry at an auction. River is such a sweetheart and we see that typical Cavalier love sponge temperament shining through her. Although humans are new to her, she is responding beautifully to affection and love and is already wanting to stick close to her humans. She is being treated for giardia, ear and urinary tract infections. River has severe dental disease and her spay and dental surgery is pending clearance by our Cardiologist. We think she will have a real puppy mill to princess story! Stay tuned for more to come about this sweet girl.
  • Female  
  • Age: 7   (DOB 12/14/2009)
  • 22 lbs
  • Heart mumur to be further evaluated March 30th 
  • Adoption Donation: $300

Birmingham, Alabama 

Birmingham, Alabama 



Primrose is a precious 9 year old blenheim lady. We rescued her from the puppy mill industry at an auction. Nine long years in the puppy mill industry has taken its toll on sweet Prim. She is emotionally damaged from her puppy mill past and will need to learn how to just be a dog. Terrified of humans and this new world around her, she will need time, patience, encouragement and a lot of gentle love and TLC. She is being treated for giardia, ear and urinary tract infections. Prim has severe dental disease and her spay, with double hernia repair, and dental surgery is pending clearance by our Cardiologist.
  • Female  
  • Age: 9   
  • 22.8 lbs
  • Heart mumur to be further evaluated March 30th 
  • Adoption Donation: $150

Prattville, Alabama 



Rich is a petite 5 year old blenheim baby boy. We rescued him this  the puppy mill industry at an auction. Rich is a timid little guy who clearly has not had a lot of positive interaction with humans. He is recovering is his foster home for his neuter and dental surgery. His dental disease was so severe he required 17 extractions! Rich is also being treated for giardia, whipworms, ear infections, and KCS (dry left eye). Despite a rough start to life, he has been so brave and has accepted sweet cuddles - and we think he likes it! Watching him on the grass for the first time was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. We think he will be one who will just bloom once he has figured out that he has hit the jackpot! 
  • Male  
  • Age: 5  (DOB 12/31/2011)
  • 12.8 lbs
  • KDC (dry eye-left) which will require drops for life. Otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $550


Sawyer & Baron

Madison, Alabama 



Cookie is an almost 5 year old Black and Tan cutie. We rescued her  from the puppy mill industry at an auction. She is a little thing with a BIG personality and is sweet, sassy, and always on the go! She has earned the nickname of Cookie Monster. She experienced freedom for the first time yesterday when she was turned loose in the backyard and she loved it!  She is being treated for giardia, ear and urinary tract infections.  Cookie is soaking up cuddles from her foster family as she recovers from her spay and dental surgery, with three extractions.  We will share more about Cookie soon!
  • Female  
  • Age: 4  (DOB 5/19/2012)
  • 16 lbs (needs to shed a few)
  • Right, Grade 2 luxating patella, otherwise healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $500



Montgomery, Alabama 

Callie is a gorgeous 7 year old gal who we rescued over the weekend from the puppy mill industry when she was placed on the auction block. She is being treated for giardia, ear infections and is recovering from her spay and much needed dental surgery. She is a darling girl who will give you the most loving stare right into your eyes as if she is saying "thank you". While we are just learning about her, she is the most fearful of the group when it comes to handling and does the classic puppy mill "pancake" to the ground. It is clear that she has never received any physical affection and her skin jumps and flinches even when touched in the most gentlest of ways. She just weaned a litter so she is currently "blowing her coat" but it should come back in just beautifully now that she will be eating a high quality food and getting lots of TLC.
  • Female  
  • Age: 7  
  • 19 lbs 
  • Healthy! 
  • Adoption Donation: $400
She was rescued back in January from the puppy mill industry and just 6 days into rescue delivered her final litter. JoJo was an amazing mom and now that her beautiful, healthy pups have been adopted into wonderful, loving, furever homes, it was time to finally take care of all of JoJo's needs. She has been treated for ear infections, is now up to date on vaccinations, on monthly preventatives, microchipped, spayed, and received a much needed dental. JoJo has an asymtomatic, mild grade heart murmur (onset of Mitral Valve Disease), as well as bilateral luxating patellas, meaning that her knees are out of socket, as well as arthritis in her hips, but is doing very well on a joint supplement and is gaining a lot of strength and stability. While she is getting around very well on level ground, she does need a home with little or no stairs. JoJo loves her new found freedom and exploring the new world around her so a safe and secured fenced in yard is a must. Now that JoJo has learned all about how wonderful humans are, she can't get enough of them and wants a lot of human attention and affection, For that reason, we would like for someone to be home with her much of the day. In true Cavalier fashion, she really values quality time with her human which includes plenty of cuddles and love.  
  • Female  
  • Age: 4   
  • Luxating patellas, mild asymtomatic heart murmur, arthritic hips
  • Adoption Donation: $400



BIG congratulations to these two senior sweethearts, Baron & Sawyer, and their furever family on their adoption today! These two boys spent nearly ten years together in the same puppy mill, were saved off the same auction block, welcomed into rescue together, and will spend happily ever after together. What a heartwarming ending to an otherwise heartbreaking story for these two survivors. Thank you for opening you home and hearts to not just one, but two senior dogs!

 Just Adopted 



 Adoption Pending