Adoption Pending 

After 5 years spent in the puppy mill industry, sweet Gracen has recently been rescued!  We have learned that she was actually auctioned last December where she was bought by a puppy miller and during her time in that mill she missed her heat cycle. Because she was unable to bring in any money for that puppy mill, she was then auctioned again where we finally were able to successfully get her out.

This tender, loving 5 year old tri color beauty just couldn't be any more precious and appreciative. Gracen is a larger girl at 26 pounds and is toning up nicely with a high quality food and just regular daily activity.

We were overjoyed that her physical exam checked out well and that she is congenitally sound with clear eyes, knees, hips, and heart as well absolutely perfect bloodwork results. She received treatment for ear infections and raging giardia, and is now recovered  from her dental cleaning and spay surgery and ready to find her perfect family!

  • Feale
  • Age: 5  (DOB 11/1/12)
  • 26 lbs
  • Healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Brookhaven, Georgia 

Ryder is a 14 week old puppy who was just rescued from the puppy mill industry. Instead of heading to another puppy mill where he’d grow up to be nothing more than used for breeding, he is now going to enjoy a life of freedom, family and love!

But first, we have to get this little man over a nasty case of giardia and severe pneumonia! Weighing just 4 pounds, puppies this young and this little and this sick are to be taken very seriously. He has started on antibiotics and other therapies to help him fight this and we will be monitoring him very closely. Unfortunately the puppy mill environment and auction environment is not good for such a young pup with a weak immune system

We are currently reveiwing applications for Ryder as his infeciotns are clearing up!
  • Male
  • Age: 5 1/2 months  (DOB 8/8/2017)
  • 8 lbs
  • Being treated for multiple infections, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $650

Prosper, Texas

Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Wee little Ozzy was rescued out of the puppy mill industry. We brought him up to date on his vaccinations, ran lab work, and gave him a full physical exam.

Ozzy appears to be congenitally sound with clear knees, hips, eyes, and heart, he does have bad ear infections, anal gland abscess, and severe dental disease. He also has parasites and giardia which is really upsetting his poor tummy and making the abscess on his anal glands even more uncomfortable. While the rest of Ozzy’s lab work came back normal, he sadly has heartworms. He has both adult and baby worms meaning that he was infected some time ago and they have since been reproducing.  Ozzy has recovered from his neuter and dental surgery, ear infections, and parasites.  He recently recieved his first injection for heartworm disease and is recovering comfortably in his foster home.  

Had we not secured him at the puppy mill auction he was being sold at, he would have gone to another puppy mill and would have never received treatment. He would have died a horrible death at a young age, never knowing love or freedom. THIS is why we do what we do and why we are so thankful for your support. Ozzy says “thank you” too.

  • Male
  • Age: 3 (DOB 12/20/2014)
  • 11.9 lbs
  • Being treated for heartworms
  • Adoption Donation: $600

 Available for Adoption

 Available for Adoption

  • Female
  • Age: 7 (DOB 12/18/2010)
  • 25 lbs
  • Being treated for heart worm disease
  • Adoption Donation: $450

Birmingham, Alabama


While we are headquartered in Alabama, we place Cavaliers coast--to-coast!  Please check this page often to keep up with the angels in our program. We introduce them here and share their stories as we search for the perfect forever homes for each and every one. Our process is thorough, and while we do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, we DO review applications chronologically to find that perfect match.
If you are on a specific timeline to bring a precious Cavalier into your family, then rescue may not be the right fit for you. We are happy to refer you to responsible, reputable, and health-focused breeders.
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At Cavalier Rescue of Alabama, we work to ensure our dogs and families are well matched. That is why we use  a specific and thorough process for matching our rescues with families . It is in the best interest of the dog and the adopting family.

 The Adoption Application is required to be considered for adoption.  You only need to apply once, not per dog. Additionally, we do recommend that you contact us via email (not text or facebook messages) after you submit an application to express your interest. Please  include photos of your home and family and anything else that would provide us insight to help us to best match a dog with your family.  While we place dogs coast-to-coast, the adopting family MUST be willing and able to travel to the foster home.  Please understand we "work for the dogs" and  making  great matches is paramount.

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Cavalier Rescue of Alabama
 About the Adoption Process:



Sweet 7 year old breeder release, Cindy Lou, came from a kennel here in Alabama. She has been a breeding dog all of her life and we are so happy for her that she now has the opportunity to experience freedom, family, and love. She was also absolutely filthy, smelly, and matted so we first got her all cleaned up, bathed, and groomed.

We brought her up to date on vaccinations, ran labwork and gave her a physical exam. Her exam revealed that she has clear hips, knees, and heart (woot woot!) She had dental disease, dirty ears, and conjunctivitis in her eyes. We also treated her for giardia and a urinary tract infection. She has now undergone surgery for her spay, much -needed dental, and hernia repair. Cindy Lou is recovering nicely in her foster home where she is getting plenty of love and cuddles. 
She did test positive for heartworms so she has begun 30 days of doxycycline in preparation for her first heartworm treatment injection which will happen at the end of January.


Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Crystal came into our program from a shelter, so no information was available on her but it is obvious that she is a "back-yard breeder “dump”. She has definitely had multiple litters and her care has been neglected for quite some time. The condition of her fur and paws are consistent with living in confinement. In fact, she is missing all her upper front teeth which we strongly suspect is from trying to gnaw her way out to freedom.

We brought her up to date on vaccinations and sent off labwork which looks normal  but sadly, she has tested positive for heartworms. Her physical exam shows much neglect with ear infections, dental disease, hookworms, and flea infestation. The good news is that all of that is 100% treatable! We were very pleased that she is congenitally sound with clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart, meaning that once we get her all fixed up, she is going to be good as new!

She is recovering her spay surgery, with an umbilical hernia repair, and much needed dental, where it was necessary to have 9 extractions. We’ve started her on treatment for the hookworms, ear infections, have rid her of fleas and gave her likely the first bath she has ever received! She has also started 30 days of doxycycline to lead up to her first heartworm treatment injection to take place 2/12.

She has proven to be an absolutely precious girl and perfect patient. She is soaking up the love and attention she is getting that she has obviously been denied of for a very long time... she’ll get plenty of it here with us

  • Female
  • Age: 5 (DOB 1/5/2013)
  • 15 lbs 
  • Being treated for heart worm disease
  • Adoption Donation: $500

Kingston was just rescued out of the puppy mill industry via a complete kennel sell out. He has an absolutely darling face, curly coat, and the most delicious marshmallow cheeks!

At intake vetting, he brought him up to date on vaccinations, ran some labwork, and gave him a physical exam.  His bloodwork shows some abnormal values most likely due to poor nutrition and dehydration so we will recheck those in a week or so to ensure they are back to normal.

His physical exam revealed bad ear infections which we are treating, clear eyes, an asymptomatic, mild murmur over his mitral valve (to be expected for a Cavalier of his age), and a poor hind end with arthritis in knees and hips and a high grade luxating patella. We also found that he has no teeth left as the result of them all rotting out and therefore his tongue sometimes sticks out. Kingston in also suffering with interdigital cysts from living on wire all of his life. These are painful wounds in between his toes that are now infected from living in such a filth riddled environment.

He is seemingly having some mobility challenges which as this time is to hard to determine the exact reason given the poor condition of his paws with the interdigital cyst, his lack of muscle from living in confinement, and his lack of stability from never being on solid ground.  He may just need a little more practice! If we do believe some of it may be attributed to his luxating patella, then we certainly would move forward with repairing it.  

He has had his neuter surgery and is resting comfortably in his foster home soaking up lots of TLC!



Birmingham, Alabama

Hoover, Alabama

  • Male
  • Age: 8 1/2  (DOB 6/22/2009)
  • 19 lbs
  • Asymptomatic heart mummur (G3), being treated for wounds on his feet, left luxating patella
  • Adoption Donation: $200

Pippa is an owner surrender who has entrusted us to find her a perfect new family. She is well cared for and is already up to date on her vaccinations and spayed. This adorable girl is a few pounds over weight. We have started her on a weight management food to help her get down to 20 pounds which should be her ideal weight.  Both her fecal test and heartworm test were negative and her bloodwork was normal. She is being treated for a urinary tract infection which should clear up soon. Her physical exam checked out perfect - clear eyes, hips, knees, and heart. Pippa walks well on a leash and loves to play fetch and tug-of war. She is wary of new people and will sometimes  react with a bit of a growl until she learns you can be trusted. Because Pippa has shown behaviors typical of a "resource guarder" we are seeking an adult only home for her.
  • Female
  • Age: 2  (DOB 11/2/2015)
  • 23.3 lbs (need to lose a few)
  • Healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $600




Cindy Lou

Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Herbie was rescued out of the puppy mill industry via a complete kennel sell out.  He is a little underwight and his body posture is poor likely from living in a cramped space. 

At intake vetting, he brought him up to date on vaccinations, ran some labwork, and gave him a physical exam. He thankfully does not have heartworms but we are treating him for giardia. His bloodwork shows some abnormal values most likely due to poor nutrition and dehydration so we will be repeating bloodwork in a week or so to ensure everything is back to normal.

His physical exam showed clear eyes, heart, and hips but a luxation in his right knee. Because he has lived in confinement and has been denied activity, we feel this may tighten and resolve now that he has the opportunity to get strength and stability in his back legs. We will be monitoring and assessing this in foster care. He does have bad ear infections which we are treating and already advanced dental disease despite his young age.

Herbie has had surgery for a neuter, much needed dental (with extractions), and ear treatment. He is recovering in his foster home and enjoying the company of several furry foster siblings. 

  • Male
  • Age: 1 1/2  (DOB 7/12/2016)
  • 16.6 lbs
  • Luxating patellas, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $600

 Adoption Pending 



 Adoption Pending 

 Adoption Pending 



Sweet Beckham came to us when his owners were concerned about his health upon vetting right after purchase, and wished to bring him into our program for further health testing and an appropriate placement.
His is urine stained,  somewhat timid, and missing two toes on one foot.  Initial vetting raised concerns about a heart condition, but further examination revealed a "puppy murmur" which is considered "innocent" and should resolved on it's own in the coming months. He's being treated for tapeworms and mild dehydration, while lab results are still pending. 
Beckham is a sweet cuddle bug who enjoys being held and snuggled. He lights up at the sight of another Cavalier so we will seek a home where he will have a Cavalier playmate and a few well-behaved children. 
  • Male
  • Age: 4 1/2 months  (DOB 8/27/2017)
  • 11.6 lbs
  • Innocent "puppy murmur", otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $650