Birmingham, Alabama 

Primrose is a precious 9 year old blenheim lady. We rescued her from the puppy mill industry at an auction. Nine long years in the puppy mill industry has taken its toll on sweet Prim and she has come a looooong way in foster care.  She was treated for giardia, ear and urinary tract infections. Prim has recovered well from her spay, dental, and hernia repair surgery. She is loving her new life and has learned to accept affection and enjoys the company of her furry foster siblings. This is a sweet and precious girl who will bring so much joy to her new family.
  • Female  
  • Age: 9   
  • 18lbs
  • Mild mitral and tricuspid valve insufficiency - no medications needed at this time, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $150
 Sam was found as a stray at a Texas truckstop by a good samaritan who reached out to us for help. Our amazing Volunteer took off in the middle of the night to bring Sam into safety! Sadly, Sam has heartworms and good news is that they are treatable. Further testing has revealed that they have caused only mild changes to his heart so far so he shouldn't have any long term effects from them.  He was also suffering from a severe case of  flea dermatitis, but now he's been deflead,  bathed and is getting topical treatment to help soothe and repair that skin. Now that he is in a flea free, clean environment, eating high quality food, and receiving lots of TLC, that skin and fur will continue to thrive. Additionally, he has some corneal abrasions that we are treating, along with an infection in his anal glands. 

UPDATE - Sam has had his final rounds of heart work treatment injections and is on the road to healing. He will be available soon!
  • Male  
  • Age: 5   
  • 18lbs  
  • Undergong treatment for heartworm disease
  • Adoption Donation: $500 

Brookhaven, Georgia 

Dallas, Texas 

King Arlo was rescued out of the puppy mill industry and although he is quite young, he is already very damaged by his puppy mill past. His poor physical condition gives us just a glimpse as to how bad of an environment he has been living in. He is completely yellow from living in his own urine and had dried balls of feces and fur matted deeply all around his paws and underside from laying in his own feces and filth. The matts in his ears were so tight and so bad that it was necessary to address this while he was under for surgery to avoid causing the severe pain he was obviously experiencing. He has scabbing, raw skin, and open bleeding lesions all over his body and has started on an oral antibiotic for skin infections. In addition to his all over skin issues, he had severe ear infections and moderate dental disease. His heart and knees are clear at this time.  
  • Male  
  • Age: 1 (DOB  10/22/2015)
  • 20 lbs  
  • Skin and ear infections which are now completely cleared
  • Adoption Donation: $650

 Adoption Pending 

Hunter and his family found themselves right in the line of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and while they survived the storm, sadly their home didn't and his family and their community are experiencing great devastation. His family made the difficult decision to entrust us with his care and find him the perfect furever family, which is exactly what we will do! We extend our thoughts to the family as they rebuild and hope they take comfort in knowing Hunter is in great hands!
Hunter underwent a much needed dental and neuter and the poor guy lost 17 bad teeth. He did great with his surgery and now that his mouth is healed, he doesn't miss these painful teeth a bit! He is on antibiotics and is also being treated for ear mites. He's quite underweight so we look forward to getting him feeling and looking his best! 

  • Male  
  • Age: 6 (DOB  9/8/2011)
  • 16 lbs  
  • Asymptomatic heart murmur, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $400

Dallas, Texas 


Please check this page often to keep up with the angels in our program. We introduce them here and share their stories as we search for the perfect forever homes for each and every one. Our process is thorough, and while we do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, we DO review applications chronologically to find that perfect match.
If you are on a specific timeline to bring a precious Cavalier into your family, then rescue may not be the right fit for you. We are happy to refer you to responsible, reputable, and health-focused breeders.
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At Cavalier Rescue of Alabama, we work to ensure our dogs and families are well matched. That is why we use  a specific and thorough process for matching our rescues with families . It is in the best interest of the dog and the adopting family.

 The Adoption Application is required to be considered for adoption.  You only need to apply once, not per dog. Additionally, we do recommend that you contact us via email (not text or facebook messages) after you submit an application to express your interest and to include photos of your home and family and anything else that would provide us insight to help us to best match a dog with your family.  The adopting family MUST be willing and able to travel to the foster home.  Please understand we "work for the dogs" and  making  great matches is paramount.

 About the Adoption Process:



We rescued sweet 6 year old Eliza out of the puppy mill industry where she was advertised as "running with a male". We started with an ultrasound and xray to ensure that she was not pregnant - we were relieved that she was not! She is a big girl though with some weight to lose and some muscles to firm up which should be easy to do now that she has the opportunity for daily exercise and activity which she has been withheld from in living in confinement all of her life.

Her exam revealed KCS (dry eye), ear infections, dental disease, and an enlarged kidney. Futher testing revelead a normal protein:creatinine ratio and normal kidney function! This will just be something to recheck when she has her routine exams.   
Her ear, eye and mouth infections are healing nicely as is her spay incision. She is definitely coming out of her shell and getting a little pep in her step! 
  • Female
  • Age: 6 (DOB 4/17/2011)
  • 26 lbs 
  • KSC (right eye) responding well to daily drops, otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $450

Montgomery, Alabama 

A shelter in Texas who was overflowing with intakes asked us to spring this sweet girl out after no one came to claim her during her stray hold. She was found in the Corpus Christi / Bishop, TX area and did not have tags or a microchip. Sadly, she is heartworm positive so we started her on 30 days of doxycycline to prepare her for her first treatment injection which will occurred on October 12th. 
This tiny girl has settled nicely into her foster home where she is getting plenty of TLC.
  • Female  
  • Age: 2 
  • 12 lbs  
  • Undergoing treatment for Heart Worm disease
  • Adoption Donation: $600



Magnolia, Texas 

BIG congratulations to our Disney Princess 👑 and her new furever family on their adoption today! She's on her way to  settle into her new castle in Mississippi









We rescued 5 year old little Forrest out of the puppy mill industry. Sadly, this boy has a lot of medical issues that need tending to. Thankfully, he has arrived at the right place. He really, really needed help... help he definitely would not have received had we not secured him.

Forrest came to us with dry eye which has been neglected, eye infections, severe ear infections, Grade 4+ dental disease, and moderate mitral valve and tricuspid valve insufficiency.   Forrest is also being treated for giardia as well and is experiencing bad diarrhea from that nasty parasite.

His echocardiogram, performed by our veterinary cardiologist, revealed that while he does have a significant murmur, there have been little changes to the heart structure and heart function. He has started on heart medication to help slow down any progression and help support the heart.

His Free T4 thyroid test revealed his hypothyroidism so we started a supplement for this immediately.  
Forrest was cleared for his neuter and much needed dental surgery. He only lost 6 teeth, which was much better than we expected. He has recovered well and is soaking up plenty of TLC in his foster home.
We rescued adorable 4 month old Willow out of the puppy mill industry. This sweet girl doesn't quite know how to be a puppy just yet and instead is seeking a lot of human reassurance and coddling. Of course, we are showering her with lots of love  ❤️ 

Sadly, at even just 16 weeks of age we are treating her for yeast infections in her ears, ears mites,  and a raging urinary tract infection. We were pleased that her eyes, hips, knees, and heart checked out well. She does have an underbite, which we think is just adorable. 

We have a long list of folks waiting for a puppy- while we place based on best fit, we do work through our applications chronologically and would expect that Willow will be placed with an existing waiting family.
  • Female
  • Age: 4 months (DOB 6/5/2017)
  • 13. 7 lbs 
  • Healthy Girl!
  • Adoption Donation: $650



Alpharetta, Georgia

  • Male
  • Age: 5 (DOB 10/10/2012)
  • 13.9 lbs
  • KCS (dry eye) responding to drops, MVD, Hypothyroidism, managed with medication, Recheck set for 10/18

Birmingham, Alabama 

Autumn is a 3 year old sweetheart that we rescued out of the puppy mill industry.  We brought Autumn up to date on vaccinations and started her for treatment of giardia. She has also started on 30 days of doxycycline because she sadly, tested positive for heartworms and will start to undergo the lengthy and difficult treatment for them. We were pleased to find that her eyes, knees, and hips are clear. She came through her spay surgery, umbilical hernia repair, and a good teeth cleaning well . She is now resting and recovering in her foster home. 
Because she will need to undergo heartworm treatment, she will not be available for adoption for some time. 
  • Female
  • Age: 3  (DOB1/15/2014)
  • 15 lbs 
  • Undergoing treatment for heart worm disease, otherwise healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $550

Vestavia Hills, Alabama 

We rescued precious 5 year old Asher out of the puppy mill industry.
Asher came to us with a raging eye infection which was the result of neglected KCS (dry eyes). He is already responding so well to treatment and his eyes look and feel so much better already! He also has ear infections that we are treating along with giardia, and has a very mild, asymptomatic heart murmur (onset of MVD). He came through his neuter and dental (with extractions) surgery well and is recovering in his foster home.
He is a handsome man who is definitely ready for love and freedom!  He has a good bit of hair loss, especially on his back end and tail, but now that he is eating high quality food and in a clean environment his coat will just thrive. He also has muscle atrophy and stiffness in his back legs which is sadly from living a life of confinement for so many years. Once he gets moving and grooving he is going to get so strong and healthy!

  • Male
  • Age: 5  (DOB 4/5/2012)
  • 17.6 lbs (need to gain a few)
  • KSC (dry eye) responding to drops. Very mild, asymptomatic murmur. Otherwise healthy!
  • Adoption Donation: $500







Brentwood, Tennessee 

From puppy mill to TV Star! Check out Asher on the Hallmark Channel

 Available for Adoption



Maggie is an adorable puppy who has been suffering from some kind of undiagnosed medical condition(s). She is 7.4 pounds and has/is not eating on her own. Her family had done all they were capable of doing for her and when their vet and another rescue recommended euthanasia, the family reached out to us with a desperate plea for help. Of course, it is our pleasure to welcome her in and do absolutely everything we can for her. She has really hung in there and certainly deserves every bit of a chance to live a long, wonderful life!
UPDATE: Maggies tests all came back "normal" and she is not displayng any signs of neurological issues thus far, to suggest further testing. We do believe she has a case of "picky-eater-itis" and just needs to get used to eating apporpate, high-quality food on a routine schedule. We will share more to come soon!
  • Female
  • Age: 10 months (12/1/2016)
  • 7.4lbs (needs to gain a few)
  • Healthy, playful, loving puppy!
  • Adoption Donation: $650



Odenville, Alabama 

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