Fort Worth, Texas 

Benson is a happy and playful guy. Sadly, his owners were not in a position to provide the diagnostic testing and the possible procedure needed to correct his suspected heart defect. Their veterinarian reached to rescue as an alternative to euthanasia and we were very happy to have the chance to help this sweet boy. Benson had a follow-up  echocardiogram and a doppler on October 6th and his pressure gradient improvement from 80 (Aug 8) to ~55!  We are very pleased about that. We will do one more follow up in November, prior to making Benson available for adoption. For now, he is recovering from his neuter and being spoiled by his sweet foster family.

  • Male  
  • Age: 8 months (DOB 2/28/16)
  • 12.5  lbs
  • Active, playful, sweet, smart, and loving
  • Moderate pulmonic valve stenosis. He has started a Beta Blocker (Atenolol). His new family will need to follow up with a Cardiologist annually,

Montgomery, Alabama 

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Please check this page often to keep up with the angels in our program. We introduce them here and share their stories as we search for the perfect forever homes for each and every one. Our process is thorough, and while we do not place dogs on a first-come, first-served basis, we DO review applications chronologically to find that perfect match.
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This gorgeous Angel is enjoying being spoiled by her foster family while she awaits her Cardiology evaluation. UPDATE: Lilly was seen by the cardiologist 9/19 and got a good report. She has early degenrtative valve disease, which is very common in Cavaliers. She is asymtomatic and needs no medications. Shehas recovered nicely from her spay and dental is is ready for her forever home.

  • Female  
  • Age: 4 (DOB 12/24/2011)
  • 17.5 lbs 
  • Dry eyes, Very early, degenerative valve disease - no meds needed
  • Adoption Donation: $500



Congratulations to Jay and his new family! He will love having all of the love and attention his heart desires. We are so happy for thi sspecial guy!



 Angels in our care...


Check out our Co-Founder, Brittney Wilk and Volunteer/Foster Mom, Jasmine Lawson, on Talk of Alabama.         Click the image to play the video..  

 Just Adopted 



Bandit is a typical, active Cavalier puppy who came to us when his family realized he needed a family who could spend more time with him.  He is a healthy guy, neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Bandit's happy and playful and would enjoy an active family and home with a fenced yard and another furry sibling to play with.  There is more to come about Bandit~

  • Male  
  • Age: 9 months (DOB 2/7/16)
  • 14 lbs
  • Active, playful, sweet, smart, and loving
  • Healthy
  • Adoption Donation: $650

Little Elm, Texas 

 Just Adopted 

CoCo has a family! This precious girl got her perfect family. She will have all of the fun and love her heart desires! Congratulations!